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Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg; Facebook’s Inventor

That name behind world’s no 1 social media is Mark Zuckerberg.

If there is a question popping out asking what the most popular social media on the internet is, the answer will be Facebook. Although nowadays, hundred and even thousands of application created daily, it still has time to go to catch up the immense popularity of blue-colored Facebook.

This following Mark Zuckerberg biography in short surely takes you to a further insight on how the magnate has been living his life to create a billion used social media platform. Although Mark Zuckerberg age is considered young for being entitled as a multi million dollars CEO, it seems that success does not mind with age.

Who is Marck Zuckerberg?

When he was born in White Plains, New York on May 14, 1984, his full name was Mark Elliot Zuckerberg. His parents, coming from the ancestors of German, Austrian and Polish, are Jewish and work as medical officers as a psychiatrist (mother; Karen) and a dentist (father; Edward Zuckerberg). Zuckerberg is the only son in the family since the other 3 kids in the house are female; Randi, Donna and Arielle. The Zuckerberg’s children were raised in Jewish teachings in a village named Dobbs Ferry.

In the middle school, Zuckerberg showed an huge interest in computer and software. He learnt Atari Basic Program from his father and even got tutored for it. After completing middle school, he continued his study In Ardsley High School before he was transferred by his parents to Phillips Exter Academy in New Hampshire. There, he won several science prizes in physics, astronomy and mathematics. His excellent result in studying brought him to the enrollment at the world’s most leading campus; Harvard yet after two years studying there, Mark Zuckerberg education at university had to stop since he had already made a final decision to depart  the campus life to pursue something bigger.

The Recount of Facebook

A). Before Facebook

Early in his career, it is probably wise to say that Mark Zuckerberg was destined to be an expert in computer programming. During high school, he created ZuckNet; a software program that facilitated connection between his father’s patients’ computers and his in the office. Aside from that small achievement, he was also entrusted to create The Synapse Media player together with other computer geeks under Intelligent Media Group. The device was a player for music that allows the machine to learn and record the habit of music listeners.

When he was at Harvard, majoring in psychology and computer science, even at the early academic year, he was dubbed as a prodigy in computer by his friends. In his second year, he made a program – CourseMatch – used for selecting class as well as study group. Afterwards, a for fun named program , Facemash, created for choosing the best face among all the photos posted. Since the site was considered as too popular, the university closed it down after a week. Another negative response also came from the students whose pictures were used by Zuckerberg without any prior consents.

B). The Birth of Facebook

Initially the idea of Facebook came from Phillips Exter Academy’s The Photo Address Book – or known as Facebook-  that kept all the students records. On February 4th, 2004, The Facebook was launched and it started became an ‘it’ thing at Harvard. Mark Zuckerberg decided to spread the popularity of Facebook into other universities with the help of his mate, David Moskovits. Columbia, Cornell, New York, Stanford, Brown, Yale and many other universities were on the list of targeted reach.


With early immense popularity, Mark and his friends moved to Palo Alto, California , leasing a an office in a small house. At that time, an investor named Peter Thiel met them and invested money to finance Facebook.

Not long after that, the accusation under three senior students at Harvard (Tyler Winklevoss, Cameron Winklevoss and Divya Narendra) came into surface. They claimed that they had been intentionally misled by Mark Zuckerberg to build HarvardConnection.com. This lawsuit ended with settlement, stating the seniors had Facebook shares. After this law dealing event, Mark decided to end his university at his sophomore year. Despite the fact the he left Harvard, in 2017, he came back to his campus receiving degree of honor after being on the position as the CEO of Facebook.

Facebook Booming

Before, In 2006, Facebook required registration of people at minimum at the age of 13 and an email address to use it. Due to its immense growth, a lot of companies were attracted to place Ads on its page. The official rolling for business Ads began in May 2009 from which Facebook earned most of its income. One of the biggest Ads came from Microsoft which purchased Facebook shares for $240 million.

Per June 2018, Facebook generated revenue as much as 40.653 billion dollars with 2.2 billion monthly active users. This number was the biggest among the competition of growing social media platforms. Now, it has three subsidiary application; Instagram, Whatsapp and Oculus VR.

Mark Zuckerberg Family

Priscilla Chan, Mark Zuckerberg wife, was a fellow student at Harvard. on May 19, 2012, they tied the know under the marriage sacred pledge at Zuckerberg’s backyard. They began dating back in 2003 after meeting up at a party. Chan was a graduate from medical student by the time she was married. It was said that the marriage was a present for her graduation. The couple has been living a simple life in spite of their status as billionaires. Together with Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, the spouse signed The Giving Pledge as their commitment to share their wealth with the needy.

The couple expected the birth of their first child in 2015 after Chan underwent three miscarriages. On December 1st, 2015, a baby girl named Maxima Chan Zuckerberg was safely delivered.  Two years later, the second daughter was welcome to the family in August. Both of Mark Zuckerberg children have Chinese names.


It was rumored that Mark Zuckerberg signed up for Twitter, Facebook’s social Media rival, but the alleged account @finkd is not verified. The latest tweet was on January 19, 2012.