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Bill Gates

Let’s Open The “Window” with Bill Gates

Bill Gates, the name behind the world’s most re-known computer software and one of the richest peoples in the world .

Our every day is inseparable with computer technology. We type, make document, count numbers, make table, draw pictures and do other tasks on computer. Nevertheless, computer without software is useless and talking about this program, the word Window comes up as the most ubiquitous.

This following short passage of Bill Gates Biography will take us more to know about his life.

Early Life

William Henry Gates III was named given to a baby boy who was born on 28th October 1955. In Seattle, Washington, William H.Gates Sr and Mary Maxwell Gates welcomed the newly-delivered baby after having a daughter (Gates’ older sister name was Kristianne). Gates’ father worked as a lawyer meanwhile his mother earned a living by serving the United Way and the board of directors at First Interstate Bancsystem. At his young age, William senior and Mary encouraged Bill Gates to attend law school in order to become a lawyer, yet his life journey brought him to be the best in the computer’s world.

Bill Gates Family in a story

Gates’ marriage to Melinda French happened in a golf course in Hawaii on 1st of January 1994. They first met when French worked at Microsoft as a product manager. Known for having bright and organized personality, French was perfect match for Gates since both of them were often involved in intellectual discussion. Three children were born from the marriage; Bill Gates daughter named Jennifer Katherine was delivered in 1996, Bill Gates son – Rory John (1999) and another daughter called Phoebe born in 2002. Bill Gates children also attended Lakeside preparatory school in which their father used to spend most of his teenager’s study life.

Bill Gates Education; A tech Geek

As he was known for his love on reading, his parents were worried when they later found that Gates displayed a sign of drawing himself to become a loner. Later when he was 13 years old, his parents enrolled him to a private preparatory school at Lakeside School. During his stay there, Gates showed excel performance in almost all the subjects taught such as mathematics, science, English and even drama. At this school, he met his long-time partner in computer named Paul Allen, in whom later he worked on Microsoft.

His introduction with computer came he was eight grader in which the school offered the student to give computer lesson. The teletype terminal was purchased by the school for the students to use and this was when Gates found himself enthralled by this machine and spent most of his time working on the terminal. A tic-tac-toe program was written by him in a computer language that enabled the users to play against the machine.

After graduating for Lakeside, Bill Gates pursued his higher education at Harvard in 1973 studying at Law School. His more enthusiasm in computer resulted him rarely joined the class for he spent most of his time dealing with computer in the lab. Two years later, he made up his mind to drop out of college and began seriously working with his partner Paul Allen to create Microsoft.

Microsoft and its success

What is Microsoft? The word Microsoft was taken from Micro computer and software. The initial words from the two words were combined with hyphen in micro-soft. In 1976, the hyphen was dropped. Microsoft was actually a joined name program worked by Bill Gates and Alan after they successfully developed a software program named BASIC for a MITS(Micro Instrument and Telemetry Systems) to develop an Altair simulator that worked on minicomputer. This newly-developed program was popular among the computers;’ enthusiasts.

Because the software was distributed freely in the circle community of the hobbyists, Gates started popularizing the idea that computer software could not be shared free as it discouraged the developer to write good computer software. His belief led him to involve in a clash with the owner of MITS and forced him to part from MITS.

In 1979, Gates moved the company from Albuquerque to Bellevue, Washington with his position as the head of the company. From here, the company has broaden into a worldwide one

Partnership with IBM Personal Computer

Microsoft breakthrough success was started with Bill Gates and Paul Allen worked together with IBM computers which proposed for BASIC interpreter. PC DOS became the solution offered by Gates to be used as an operating system with $50.000 for the fee. After this, the sales of DOS skyrocketed and Microsoft gained recognition as a major player on the new computer


Another major product made by Microsoft company is Windows. Firstly launched in 1985, this was a graphical operating system shell. Its popularity bloomed and even dominated the industry of personal computer, in operating system sector by 90%, overtaking Mac OS developed by Apple. Until now, there have been a lot of developments of the system. Some of them are Windows NT, Windows loT, Windows X9, Windows mobile and many others

Net worth

In 1987, Bill Gates was listed as one out of 400 richest men and the youngest billionaire in the USA with $1.25 billion dollars. Since then his name had been a regular list for billionaire. From 1994 to 1996, 1998 until 2014, he was dubbed as the wealthiest man on earth with value more than &82 billion dollars before being overtaken by Jeff Bezos in 2017. With this money, Gates family lived in a mansion in Medina, Seattle Washington.


Gates’ serious involvement with charity occurred in 1994 when he started to established William H. Gates foundation. In 2000, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was created with donation of $5 billion and identified as the wealthiest charitable foundation. The foundation focuses on global problems that mostly are neglected by the government in the areas of global development, Health, United States, and Policy and Advocacy. In addition to that, the agricultural organization such as International Rice Research Institute is full support from the foundation.

In 2002, Giving Pledge- a commitment signed by Warren Buffet, Melinda and Bill- was signed as their agreement to share half of their asset to charity over the course of time.