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Carlos Slim Helu

Getting Closer with the Founder of America Movil, Carlos Slim Helu

Meet the America Movil’s Founder, Carlos Slim Helu

Have you ever heard of America Movil? America Movil is a holding company that forms network operators. America Movil is called one of the largest network operator companies in the world. America Movil is one of the most influential companies in telecommunications industry in this world. This company has served millions of Americans.

America Movil will not be able to become as big as it is now without Carlos Slim Helu, the smart person behind this company. Who is she? Carlos Slim Helu is the CEO of America Movil and other large companies namely Telmex and Group Carso. The man from Mexico who is familiarly called Slim is now referred to as one of the richest men in the world and side by side with the world’s richest people.

Slim built America Movil with hard work. Starting from an entrepreneur who started a business from zero, Slim is now one of the most successful businessman in the world. Slim’s life journey is now widely used as inspiration for young people around the world. His struggle to build America Movil is one of the inspirational stories that will motivate young people.

Slim and His Family

Getting to know the figure of Slim now certainly makes us want to know how Slim’s life was in the past. We all want to know what his family looked like so that there is Slim like we all know today. How Slim achieved his success in this industry would certainly be an interesting thing to know.

Carlos Slim Helu was born in Mexico on January 28, 1940. Slim was born in a big family. Slim was the fifth of six children. His father was Julian Haddad Slim and his mother named Linda Helu Atta. Slim studied a lot of business from childhood from his father and his business skills continued to grow until he could achieve great success with America Movil like now.

In his childhood memory, Slim has one clear goal which is to become a businessman. This desire is supported by his father who is also a businessman. Julian Haddad Slim gave a lot of knowledge to his son about how to become a successful entrepreneur. Slim’s father also taught Slim about how to do financial analysis and financial management right in the business world.

Starting the Business in Mexico

Carlos Slim Helu is a figure who realizes that a desire must be achieved by hard work. There is no big dream that can be realized if it is not accompanied by hard work and unyielding spirit. Slim started his business earlier in a young age to make his dream of becoming a successful businessman in the future comes true.

Slim began his business journey by trading in his hometown, Mexico. Slim had also tried to become a broker and in 1966 Slim had managed to earn 40 million US dollars. This money was not spent by Slim just like that. The money earned by his hard work is utilized by Slim for something useful.

Slim used big amount of his money to invest. There are many types of investments made by Slim, including investment in mining, housing and construction. Slim has made the right decision by investing his money. From the investments he made, Slim’s wealth continued to grow bigger and grow faster.

Grupo Galas

Carlos Slim Helu succeeded in developing his business and buying companies in various fields of industry from 1970 to 1980. In this past 10 years, the Slim’s business developed very rapidly. Then in 1980 Slim put together all the investments he had in a holding company named Grupo Galas.

Not stopping in Grupo Galas, Slim continued to make efforts to expand his business. In 1990, Grupo Galas managed to buy a telecommunications company called Telmex owned by the Mexican government. This is where Slim started working in the telecommunications industry and starting his journey to become one of the richest person in the world.

Starting from Mexico, telecommunications companies managed by Slim continued to grow and expanded to the United States and Latin America. Until finally we get to know the biggest telecommunications company named America Movil. Then, does Slim’s business just stop here? Of course not! Slim continues to expand his business to become increasingly broad to different fields.

In the 2000s, Slim expanded his business by buying shares at The New York Times Company. In addition, Slim also bought shares from an airline in Mexico called Volaris. Slim’s achievements have been more than enough to bring Slim as an inspirational figure in this world.

More About Slim

The success achieved by Slim is inseparable from the knowledge he has. Besides getting business knowledge from his father, Slim also learned a lot about business after he graduated from the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM). Slim was majoring in civil engineering and during his studies he learned a lot about algebra and linear programming which turned out to be an important provision of knowledge in the business he was in.

Slim became the first person from a developing country to be named the richest person in the world. Slim’s achievement was truly remarkable thanks to his hard work. However, with all the wealth he had at the moment Slim remained a modest and humble figure. Become the richest businessman doesn’t turn Slim into an arrogant person.

One of the unique things we can learn from Carlos Slim Helu is that he is not interested in money. Slim claimed to be more interested in working hard. He is interested in companies that are underrated and have no power. He wants to make the underrated companies become big companies which are then recognized by the world.

The journey of Slim can be a valuable lesson for all of us. Slim’s story can be an inspiration especially for those of you who want to be successful as a businessman. There is no success achieved in an instant way. Everything requires a process and hard work and never be afraid to make mistakes. As Slim said, “Mistakes are normal. Make them small, accept them, correct them, and forget them. “