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Best Laptops in The World

Best Laptops in The World

– MacBook Pro 13in (2017)

MacBook Pro

– Microsoft Surface Laptop

Microsoft Surface Laptop

– Asus ZenBook UX310UA

Asus ZenBook UX310UA

– Dell XPS 13 (2018) review

Dell XPS 13 (2018) 

– Apple MacBook (2017)

Apple MacBook (2017)

– Huawei MateBook X Pro review

Huawei MateBook X Pro review

– Dell XPS 15 2-in-1

Dell XPS 15 2-in-1

– Lenovo IdeaPad 320S

Lenovo IdeaPad 320S

– Razer Blade 15 (2018)

Razer Blade 15 (2018)

– Apple MacBook Pro 13in with Touch Bar (2018)

Apple MacBook Pro 13in with Touch Bar (2018)

Kind of Dogs


German Shepherd

Golden Retriever

Labrador Retriever




Siberian Husky



Chow Chow






Yorkshire Terrier

French Bulldog

Shih Tzu

Great Dane


Bull Terrier


Border Collie

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

English Mastiff

Cavelier King Charles Spaniel

American Staffordshire Terrier


Australian Shepherd

Old English Sheepdog



5 Healty Habbits For Mind Soul and Body

Hallo how’s it going it’s me welcome back to my website I want to talk about some healthy habits you can do to create a more meaningful and at the same time productive effective lifestyle.

So today I am going to go over some habits that you can use to replace your older habits as you grow as you evolve your old habits no longer serve you and it’s time to upgrade it’s time to update to a better version of yourself.

Some of us tend to get stuck in the same old routine the same old thing over and over again and then when we lose motivation or when we don’t feel inspired anymore.

We wonder why so there are a few things that you can do around your home around your environment so if you’re looking to break out of that old cycle and looking for a new change keep on reading my article about  Healty Habbits For Mind, Soul and Body.

5 Healty Habbits For Mind, Soul and Body :

1. Reset Your Mind, Body and Soul

Let’s start on how to reset reset your mind  body and soul give yourself time to decompress rest and go back within it’s so easy to put most of the focus on the people you love and other people around you.

With the fast-paced lifestyle that we’re all so used to it’s really hard to slow down and take a little break, we’re always filling up our minds with things that no longer serve us so if you can allow some quiet time to yourself like a nice walk on the beach writing in your journal or a little coffee break.

The more time you get to know yourself and be okay with it you can be around other people without using their company as a means of escape

2. Dicipline your self

Next discipline yourself instead of telling yourself I have to do this I have to do that say I can as an opportunity to try it to try something new and to move forward just with simple exercises to reset your mind into a newer and better version of yourself.

Try seeking different perspectives through exercising empathy and gratitude it’s so easy to focus on what we don’t want event what serves us so in your journal your daily journal write down things that you were grateful for that day and be present at the moment when you’re doing this it would really really help you find a new and greater perspective on where you are in life.

Another way to help discipline yourself is to commit to your projects stick with the plan some of us are full of ideas and before we can finish one task we instantly have a new idea that would come up it can be an endless cycle pretty much.

Nowhere try starting out with a smaller task to do and even if you lost interest in it complete the task to get yourself familiar with accomplishing goals otherwise your mind will record the habit of accomplishment as something unattainable.

3. Your Environment

Next let’s talk about the importance of the environment you create for yourself the environment you create surrounding you is a reflection of your internal world.

Therefore if you want a space that feels inviting and comfortable create it if you want clarity clean your surrounding of all the clutters donate and throw away things that no longer serves you people are also a huge influence on your environment.

Therefore surround yourself with like-minded people but also the kind that would challenge you to become better sometimes you will come across people that you don’t necessarily agree with but those are the kind of people that will help you know what you want most importantly be the person you want to be around what you put out is what you attract.

4. Gratitude

The simple act of practicing gratitude is a tremendous way to impact your overall mindset when you’re paying attention on what you’re grateful for you’re putting focus on what you want to attract.

If you keep thinking about what you don’t want that is what you’re training yourself to only see so practice this every morning or before bedtime write down everything that you’re grateful for from the person that smiled at you today to the delicious salad you had or your bed sheets if you can just pay attention to the little Joy’s in life that’s when you know you hold the power to your own reality.

5. Self Care

Lastly self-care is something that you have to prioritize in order for you to care and love someone in a healthy way you must love yourself care for yourself and be healthy.

First take a look at your mental emotional spiritual and physical state and ask yourself if you’re ready we’re all not made 100 percent perfect so don’t feel like you need to be well balanced with all four states it.

Takes time to ease into each one as long as you have a desire to progress to evolve that is where it starts change does not happen overnight it comes with experience  so the first thing you need to do is have that desire and take action.

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Lastly make sure to give this articles a thumbs up and also leave a comment below this articles let me know which ones are your favorite tips or hacks and if you have something that you want to share with us then make sure to comment below this articles to other peoples like your family or your friends, thank you all so much for watching and I will see you next week, thanks you again.

5 Amazing Benefits of Spending Time Alone

Being alone doesn’t have to feel empty the best relationship you can have it is with yourself solitude isn’t isolation it’s not avoiding or running away from your fears, it’s about finding your inner peace and loving every moment with yourself.

Hi how’s it going it’s me welcome to our website I want to talk about being alone and why it’s so good for you, I know that a lot of people probably think by now that I love being alone and I’m such a loner by now but whatever I used to be a shame of being alone because it used to be deemed as something like as if you have social issues or that you’re such a loser for being alone.

I remember I went out to eat have some peace out by myself once and I came back and I told my friends that I went out to eat by myself and they’re just like you went by yourself like as if that’s so weird and they felt sorry for me.

It was back in college but I think people are more open to that and especially if you live in the city. It’s kind of okay to go out and have some me time have a date with yourself it’s it’s just so important to just embrace that time by yourself and allow yourself to go within.

5 Amazing Benefits of Spending Time Alone :

1. Be Mindfull

Allow yourself to process your thoughts and also meditate meditation doesn’t have to mean you necessarily have to sit there and you know close your eyes and and recite a mantra it can be just you know talking to yourself talking to God talking to the universe you know just diving within and just allowing yourself to process everything.

That has been going on in your life and for me you know I don’t do this all the time but I like to balance my life with some a long time and sometimes we’re friends just so that way life doesn’t have to feel so overwhelming.

2. Make Me Time

I don’t know about you but for me I feel like life is just getting busier and busier and we just stretch ourselves too thin with everything that’s going on we give everyone else more time than we give to ourselves and at the end of the night at the end of the day you’re just like wow.

I barely got to spend any time to myself, I started to say no to a lot of things last year so that way I can allow myself to have more time and just process all the things that I have not been thinking about or I have been pushing to the side or just avoiding.

3. Face Your Self

It is a scary thing to just to spend time alone with you because sometimes we don’t want to face our issues or we don’t want to face our problems and it’s easier for us to just run away from it or do something else and kind of push it to the side all that kind of bubbles up later on and you know it’s all gonna come out sooner or later.

So you might as well deal with it but deal with it in a peaceful way with yourself right so sometimes you know things don’t turn out exactly as we would like for it to be I mean if there’s happiness there is also sadness so there’s always opposite and there’s always that contrast.

There for you to evolve you are going to have to experience things that you don’t necessarily like all the time and for some of us that’s hard to deal with you know you don’t want to face that and it’s easier for you to go out do other things and get distracted , but when you’re spending time alone you’re facing it and you’re you’re you’re learning how to be strong you’re learning how to face your problems face your issues and move on from it.

4. Take A control

You know you are the creator of your life you know you have the option to say no to things you have the option to like move forward and move on and evolve from where you are right now. You can go for a walk a nice hike if you like nature you can make yourself a nice hot cup of tea and just relax and just be in the moment be present and just let all your thoughts have process then or you can write in a journal go to local cafe or something.

I love to do is go to a local cafe and just like either read a book or write in my journal , it feels very relaxing some people love going to the beach because the sound of the ocean is just so relaxing and to get fresh air or be surrounded by nature is also really soothing and I love it there’s just so many ways that you can spend time alone.

5. Stop Making Excuses

You don’t need one hour you don’t need a whole day to be a if you feel very very overwhelmed at least take five minutes out go out in your patio and just you know sit there take a breather sit under the stars have a cup of tea or make yourself a nice bath and just relax let yourself just be in control of your mind again.

Don’t let all that craziness everything from the outside take over you don’t let stress take over you be in control of your life again and just allow yourself to be the creator of your life.

So thank you so much for joining me in today’s conversation if you have some ideas on how or if you want to share with everyone on how you love to spend time with yourself and make sure to comment in the comment section below this articles.

So that way we can all be a part of this conversation encourage each other that we should give ourselves permission to to be in charge of our lives again it’s just so you know it’s really helpful to just get back on track because once you’re in charge of your life again like everybody else around you well feel that confident and will also you know see you as a great shining example and the example you set will only help others out so we can only move forward from here.

Thank you all so much for reading our article today’s and give this articles a thumbs up I love you and I will see you next weekend.


5 Amazing Life Tips To Have The Best Morning

Hi everyone how’s it going I have been more consciously aware on how I start my morning off, I usually just do the things that I feel like I need to do or do things that I feel like doing at the moment but I feel like once you give yourself a little bit more structure and a little routine it really helps.

Set your pace throughout the day week month year you’re over a whole lot I’m partnering with Aussie today to bring you some practical tips on how to enhance your morning and your overall lifestyle.

So if you want to take control of your life and make time for the things that you love then keep them reading this about  5 Amazing Life Tips To Have The Best Morning.

5 Life Tips To Have The Best Morning :

1. Plan Your Day

First tip may seem easy and pretty obvious to you but not everyone does it and that is to plan out your day the last thing you want is something minor to stop your momentum so organize all your notes in advance.

I like to take out about 1 to 2 hours of my time to go through all my notes research and map out my day not only are you organizing your to do list but this will give you mental clarity before bed.

2. Prepare Your Self Before doing Routine Activity

Whether if you’re going to work or you’re still in school this is super super helpful and that is to prep everything you need the night before.

I can say from experience one of the worst feelings is to have is realizing you’ve forgotten your assignment let’s do or your phone charger when you’re out all day. All right ladies I highly recommend for you to prep your outfits the night before. Because looking presentable and feeling good about it can certainly enhance your mood so place are hanging your outfit on a separate rack or table and make sure that you steam and iron it the night before.

3. Morning Shower When Awake Up From Sleep

If you’re feeling super tired in the morning try taking a shower to energize your mind and body use a body wash or shampoo with a scent that will wake you up or something that will make you feel good.

I need to come back oily hair otherwise I’m going to have to deal with a bad hair day for the rest of the day so I’m using the Aussie total miracle shampoo conditioner.

It really helps soften and moisturize my hair at the same time it doesn’t weigh down my hair and protects it from future damages for hair style.

It keeps something that is natural and versatile to work with that way you. Don’t have to worry about the hassle of fixing it too much while you’re working.

I’m having my hair down for the day and using the aussie instant fries to hold down my hair of all the frizz and little baby hairs throughout the day.

4. Wholesome Breakfast

I become a hangry Asian woman if I don’t eat well so I make sure to eat and nourish my body with an energized healthy breakfast for breakfast stay away from processed and refined foods as it will burn quick and just leave you feeling hungry so stick to something that is more wholesome and that will burn well in your body I love love a multigrain toast and then just spread on some avocados it’s so simple yet delicious and satisfying.

5. Leave Your Home Early

Last step is traveling smart by doing that bus steps it should save you some time to leave your home early and prevent you from being late. Don’t stress yourself out by rushing and then stressing again when you’re on the go. Leaving an extra of 10 to 15 minutes early can give you some peace of mind or prepare you for unexpected delays.

Another tip I like to share while commuting is listening to the Schumann frequency it relaxes my mind and gives me clarity while I’m on my way.

Those are some of my tips if you have any other tips that you want to share with us make sure to comment below, this is a community you were all in it together we’re all here to support one another.

So share your thoughts share your tips share your life hacks all in that comment section below this article and give this article a big thumbs up.

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Highest Paid Athlete

Highest Paid Athlete 2018 :

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– Floyd Mayweather

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