Bali Travel Guide

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Bali Island ( Indonesia )

Bali is an island which is one of the best tourist attractions in the world today. Bali is very famous for its beautiful beaches and culture. There you will find lots of beaches , beach clubs and bars. Beside the beaches that are very clean and beautiful , Bali island is also very famous for culture , traditional Balinese dance and museums of Art.

Bali Travel Guide for First Time Travelers 

Greeting dear travelers , are you in pursuit of warmed sandy beaches island hopping and sweltering jungle tracks or simply on a budget at in search of a destination rich in affordable adventures, no matter what kind of experience you’re seeking in Bali has it all not convinced and sit back relax and let us reveal why you should travel to Bali island.

Bali is one of Indonesian island known for its forested volcanic mountains, beuatiful beaches, iconic rice paddies, coral reefs and many attractive place in this island.

As a popular island destination, Pulau Dewata Bali (God’s Island) rich in natural beauty, culture, and history, there is something for everyone in Bali. Regardless, , Pulau Dewata Bali essence and best of everything are captured in these must visit attractions anyone can enjoy.

In visiting Bali a beginners travel guide it’s no secret that Bali is achingly beautiful but you likely knew that already so instead let us begin by explaining what makes a perfect Bali bound traveler while you’re only required to be as fit as the activities you wish to take part in you should thrive in hot , extremely humid weather be a confident swimmer.

So as not to miss out on Bali’s turquoise waters and be ready to dive trek took taste a kayak sail and even kickbox your way across the island.

Be sure to have saved up at least 10 to 15 vacation days to experience the Bali island at an enjoyable pace without rushing, don’t forget to learn a few key phrases in bali to make your travels easier but don’t worry too much as English is widely spoken and while you can visit Bali all year round.

The best time to travel in Bali Island there is between November and early April when rainfall is limited and temperatures are manageable so your tour is booked your bags are packed and you’ve secured a great deal on that flight into Ngurah Rai Airport it’s time to hit the bustling streets and backroads of this great Southeast Asian gem.

Any travel budget transportation when you vacation in Bali is fairly cheap as well depending on your destination, grabbing a taxi can cost around a hundred thousand rupiah’s to go from the airport to either kuta or Nusa Dua which is around 20 USD.

Bali travel Tips for first Time travelers

Tips number one what are you going your body on a given exchange 25 US dollars you’ll need this for your holiday visa on entry into Bali.

Traveling short distances around Bali is easy and I would recommend the Bluebird taxi. I’ve copycat taxis that look the very similar but they were bound to rip you off or pretend that the taxi meter doesn’t work.

If you’re traveling long distances and they’re a group review then you can hire a minibus driver for the day which can cost between thirty dollars and sixty dollars probably entire day they’ll drive you anywhere wait for you while you do your shopping at dinner meals drinks everything, they’ll sit around and wait for you for around between thirty and sixty dollars most hotels and resorts will offer this service sometimes you can find them cheaper out on the streets.

Well that’s it for my tips if you have any other tips let me know what they are down below in the comment section and if you enjoy this article. 

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