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Amancio Ortega

Meet Amancio Ortega, Smart Person behind Zara

Get Acquainted with the Figure behind Zara

Who doesn’t know Zara? Zara is a world-class fashion brand that is very popular among the world community. Zara has released many products with the best design and quality. Starting from the products of clothes, bags, shoes, accessories, and much more; products released by Zara can be used by women, men, and even children. You can say that Zara is currently one of the most popular brands in the world.

Getting to know Zara’s products certainly makes us curious about the figure behind this big brand. He is Amancio Ortega Gaona; the man who was born on March 28th, 1936. He is the figure who pioneered Zara from nothing into the biggest world-class brand like we know today. Thanks to the Zara that has been released by him, Ortega is now one of the richest people in the world coupled with the ranks of other rich people including Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook.

If you look at the current Zara, we can see that Zara is targeting the upper middle class. This brand presents fashion products with the best quality and design. However, did you know that behind the success story of Zara, there is an interesting story from the founder that we should know. Ortega, the founder of Zara, started his business from nothing until now he is known as one of the richest people in the world.

Ortega’s Family

If you see Amancio Ortega at this time, we might find it hard to imagine that Ortega doesn’t come from a wealthy family. The wealth and success gained by Ortega is currently obtained with effort from below. Ortega pushes himself to do his best and build Zara from nothing into something big like we know today. Ortega was even born to a poor family and lived in a small village in Leon, Northern Spain.

Ortega is the youngest of four children. Because of the condition of his poor family, Ortega moved from Leon to La Coruna, Galicia. Ortega’s father works at the train station and his mother works as a housemaid. At the age of 14, Ortega quit school and began working as a shop assistant at a company called Gala. It was here, the place Ortega began to get acquainted with the fashion world through his work on making clothes by hand.

The experience of working at Gala made Ortega think a lot and finally understood that to be a successful person he must be able to fulfill the customer’s desires. Until finally in 1950, Ortega gathered female tailors and formed a tailor cooperative. This tailor cooperative produces several types of clothing products such as nightgowns and clothes for babies.

Ortega’s First Company

Amancio Ortega is a fast learning person who is good at developing his abilities. In 1963, Ortega and his family founded a company called Confecciones GOA, S.A. This is Ortega’s first company which later became the pioneer of the world-class brand Zara. At this company, Ortega made clothing production in a quick way and successfully acquired several factories in Spain.

In 1975, Ortega opened its first store called Zorba in La Corona. This name is taken from the favorite film of Ortega’s first wife, Rosalia Mera Goyenechea. Unfortunately the name Zorba got a protest from the night bar that have a same name. Ortega then changed the name of his shop from Zorba to Zara.

Zara showed very fast development. Ortega and his wife Rosalia Mera, developed Zara very quickly. But in 1986, Ortega and Rosalia Mera divorced. On his way, Ortega succeeded in forming the Inditex Group and opened Zara’s first store in Portugal. Furthermore, Zara continues to expand its territory to various countries, such as the United States, London, and it is expanding to be known by the world community.

Zara’s Main Strength

Amancio Ortega can bring Zara into a world-class brand like now with a unique working principle. Ortega prioritizes speed in its business. Zara is known as a brand that produces products and serves customers in a very fast time. Within a year, Zara could develop and distribute 12,000 new clothing designs to the public.

Besides speed, Ortega also prioritizes the principle of approach to customers. Customers are the main key and Ortega wants Zara to be able to fulfill customer desires in a fast time. Within one day, designers at Zara could make three designs and all the crew working at Zara worked together quickly to produce a lot of products with good quality.

With the speed that Zara prefers, it is no wonder that this brand can always issue new products every year in a fast period of time. Zara lovers don’t have to wait for a long time to enjoy the latest products from Zara. Although it is produced quickly, all of its quality products can be guaranteed.

One more advantage possessed by Zara, this brand has always issued exclusive products. Zara never issued the same product. If the design has been released, Zara will not issue products with the same design. Zara will only make modifications to the design. So, Zara’s lovers will be satisfied with the product they have because the product is exclusive.


Amancio Ortega is now one of the richest people in the world. Ortega’s success is not only through the fashion business but also through businesses in other fields such as banks, tourism, and real estate. The business of Amancio Ortega is spread in various places in the world so it is not surprising that Ortega is known as one of the richest people in this world. Ortega also recorded a lot of investment in charity activities.

Together with his ex-wife, Rosalia Mera, Ortega also had a foundation which was named The Paideia Foundation. The foundation was founded in 1986 and focuses on helping people with mental or physical disabilities. This foundation provides facilities for mentally and physically disabled people to get education and training.

Amancio Ortega is one of the figures that inspire all of us to work hard and take risks in order to achieve success in the future. By seeing how Ortega’s journey from below to success with Zara, it becomes a valuable lesson for us that all hard work will be paid for with the best results.

Bill Gates

Let’s Open The “Window” with Bill Gates

Bill Gates, the name behind the world’s most re-known computer software and one of the richest peoples in the world .

Our every day is inseparable with computer technology. We type, make document, count numbers, make table, draw pictures and do other tasks on computer. Nevertheless, computer without software is useless and talking about this program, the word Window comes up as the most ubiquitous.

This following short passage of Bill Gates Biography will take us more to know about his life.

Early Life

William Henry Gates III was named given to a baby boy who was born on 28th October 1955. In Seattle, Washington, William H.Gates Sr and Mary Maxwell Gates welcomed the newly-delivered baby after having a daughter (Gates’ older sister name was Kristianne). Gates’ father worked as a lawyer meanwhile his mother earned a living by serving the United Way and the board of directors at First Interstate Bancsystem. At his young age, William senior and Mary encouraged Bill Gates to attend law school in order to become a lawyer, yet his life journey brought him to be the best in the computer’s world.

Bill Gates Family in a story

Gates’ marriage to Melinda French happened in a golf course in Hawaii on 1st of January 1994. They first met when French worked at Microsoft as a product manager. Known for having bright and organized personality, French was perfect match for Gates since both of them were often involved in intellectual discussion. Three children were born from the marriage; Bill Gates daughter named Jennifer Katherine was delivered in 1996, Bill Gates son – Rory John (1999) and another daughter called Phoebe born in 2002. Bill Gates children also attended Lakeside preparatory school in which their father used to spend most of his teenager’s study life.

Bill Gates Education; A tech Geek

As he was known for his love on reading, his parents were worried when they later found that Gates displayed a sign of drawing himself to become a loner. Later when he was 13 years old, his parents enrolled him to a private preparatory school at Lakeside School. During his stay there, Gates showed excel performance in almost all the subjects taught such as mathematics, science, English and even drama. At this school, he met his long-time partner in computer named Paul Allen, in whom later he worked on Microsoft.

His introduction with computer came he was eight grader in which the school offered the student to give computer lesson. The teletype terminal was purchased by the school for the students to use and this was when Gates found himself enthralled by this machine and spent most of his time working on the terminal. A tic-tac-toe program was written by him in a computer language that enabled the users to play against the machine.

After graduating for Lakeside, Bill Gates pursued his higher education at Harvard in 1973 studying at Law School. His more enthusiasm in computer resulted him rarely joined the class for he spent most of his time dealing with computer in the lab. Two years later, he made up his mind to drop out of college and began seriously working with his partner Paul Allen to create Microsoft.

Microsoft and its success

What is Microsoft? The word Microsoft was taken from Micro computer and software. The initial words from the two words were combined with hyphen in micro-soft. In 1976, the hyphen was dropped. Microsoft was actually a joined name program worked by Bill Gates and Alan after they successfully developed a software program named BASIC for a MITS(Micro Instrument and Telemetry Systems) to develop an Altair simulator that worked on minicomputer. This newly-developed program was popular among the computers;’ enthusiasts.

Because the software was distributed freely in the circle community of the hobbyists, Gates started popularizing the idea that computer software could not be shared free as it discouraged the developer to write good computer software. His belief led him to involve in a clash with the owner of MITS and forced him to part from MITS.

In 1979, Gates moved the company from Albuquerque to Bellevue, Washington with his position as the head of the company. From here, the company has broaden into a worldwide one

Partnership with IBM Personal Computer

Microsoft breakthrough success was started with Bill Gates and Paul Allen worked together with IBM computers which proposed for BASIC interpreter. PC DOS became the solution offered by Gates to be used as an operating system with $50.000 for the fee. After this, the sales of DOS skyrocketed and Microsoft gained recognition as a major player on the new computer


Another major product made by Microsoft company is Windows. Firstly launched in 1985, this was a graphical operating system shell. Its popularity bloomed and even dominated the industry of personal computer, in operating system sector by 90%, overtaking Mac OS developed by Apple. Until now, there have been a lot of developments of the system. Some of them are Windows NT, Windows loT, Windows X9, Windows mobile and many others

Net worth

In 1987, Bill Gates was listed as one out of 400 richest men and the youngest billionaire in the USA with $1.25 billion dollars. Since then his name had been a regular list for billionaire. From 1994 to 1996, 1998 until 2014, he was dubbed as the wealthiest man on earth with value more than &82 billion dollars before being overtaken by Jeff Bezos in 2017. With this money, Gates family lived in a mansion in Medina, Seattle Washington.


Gates’ serious involvement with charity occurred in 1994 when he started to established William H. Gates foundation. In 2000, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was created with donation of $5 billion and identified as the wealthiest charitable foundation. The foundation focuses on global problems that mostly are neglected by the government in the areas of global development, Health, United States, and Policy and Advocacy. In addition to that, the agricultural organization such as International Rice Research Institute is full support from the foundation.

In 2002, Giving Pledge- a commitment signed by Warren Buffet, Melinda and Bill- was signed as their agreement to share half of their asset to charity over the course of time.



Jeff Bezos

Bernard Arnault ; A French Wealthiest man

A Recount of Bernard Arnault successful life

In the list of the richest peoples in the world , Arnault – A France born tycoon- is placed on the 4th order with net worth – as it was recorded in November 2018- $ 74.7 billion, but when it comes to Europe he is definitely the top. Bernard Arnault is a man with sharp business skill, successfully leading his father civil engineering business into a more diverse worldwide expansion.

Early life

Born with the name Bernard Jean Etienne Arnault in Roubaix, France on March 5th, 1949, Arnault was the son of Jean Leon Arnault, a manufacturer and the owner of Ferret- Savinel (a civil engineering company).  His mother was unknown to the public.

After completing his middle school, Arnault was enrolled at Maxence Van Deer Meersch High School. Afterwards, he was registered at prestigious Ecole Polytechnique in Palaiseau majoring in engineering. In 1971, he graduated from the institution with engineering degree.


a). Ferinel

Following the graduation, Arnault landed a job at his father’s Construction Company as an engineer in which during his 5 years of working, convincing his father to change the company’s focal point to real estate that he considered as a booming sector at that time. This movement resulted in the birth of company name, Ferinel, specializing in holiday accommodation. In 1977, Arnault was promoted as a CEO and 2 years after that, became a successor of his father’s position as the president of the company.

In the early 1980’s, the changing in France’s political environment ( The French Socialist took over the government) drove Aranault’s family to move to the USA. There, he developed a condominium in Palm Beach, Florida, expending his real estate business in the states. After the political condition in France shifted from socialist into conservative, Arnault decided to return to his home country and began seeing different areas of his business venture.

b). Christian Dior

The bankruptcy of Boussac Saint- Freres  in 984 opened an opportunity for Arnault to take over the business with the help of Antoine Berheim. This freshly-taken over textile company owned Christian Dior (purchased with $15 million), Le Bon Marche ( a department store), Conforama ( a retail shop) and Peaudouce ( a manufacturer for diapers). Aside from keeping Christian Dior and Le Bon Marche, Arnault sold the rest of the assets.

c). LVMH (Moet Hennessy Louise Vuitton SE)

LVMH is company dealing with luxury goods brand based in Paris, France as a result of the merger of two companies; Moet Hennessy and Louis Vuiton. There are 60 subsidiaries under LVMH which are managed independently. The products of this company ranging from cosmetics, clothing, accessories, fashion, perfumes, watches, wine and jewelry.

In 1993, Bernard Arnault possessed  43%  shares of LVMH and 35% of voting right, making him an elected CEO of management board. Since then, striving development took place to put LVMH as one of the largest luxury group. In 2017, the revenue generated was recorded at 42.636 billion Euro. In addition to that, other investments were thrown on some website companies for like, Zabank, Libertysurf and yacht business.

Arnault’s Family

In 1973, Arnault married to Anne Dewavrin. From the marriage two children were born; a daughter named Delphine Arnault and a son called Antoine Arnault. The couple separated in 1990 allowing Arnault to remarried with Helene Mercier ( A pianist from Quebec, Canada) in 1991. The second marriage brought him three more sons (Alexandre, Frederic, Jean). Four of  Bernard Arnault children have official roles in his father’s company.

Bernard Arnault son, Antoine, handled Berluti, an Italian leather brand and was responsible as a chairman for a company called Loro Piana. Meanwhile, Delphine, Bernard Arnault daughter is managing Louis Vuitton as an executive vice president and director. Alexandre works at Rimowa (the name of luggage brand from Germany) as co-chief executive and Frederic, is appointed to be the head of connected technology at Tag Heuer.

How Rich is Bernard Arnault?

Data from Wikipedia stated that in 2015, Arnault employed 120.000 people for his company; a big number that helped him generate Bernard Arnault net worth of estimated $80 billion dollars per May 2017. Having this much money, Bernard Arnault house is built in more than just one place. Le Cheval Blanc is a luxurious hotel located in Courchevel owned by Arnault for personal space as well as business. Other mansions are Chateau Cheval Blanc in Bordeaux covering 41 hectares, ST. Tropez mansion in St. Tropez island, and even a private island in Bahama worth of $35 million.

Recognition Under His Name

During his lifetime, there have been some recognitions (either domestic or international) awarded to Bernard Arnault. Commandeur and Grand Officer of the Legion d’Honnoeur (he received the award on February 10th, 2007 and July 14th, 2011 respectively) were given to him. Legion d’Honnoeur is the French version of Order of Merit awarded to military personal or civilians founded by Napoleon Bonaparte. Another award was the Woodrow Wilson Award in 2011, and David Rockefeller Award from The Museum of Modern Art.

Personal Space and Taste

Picasso’s masterpiece is one of many rare art collections on display as Bernard Arnault is noted as an art collector. Other famous works from Yves Klein, Andy Warhol and Henry Moore add more to the group of selection. His fondness in art was shown when he established LVMH Young Fashion Designer Competition to cater the Fine Art students to express their creativity in art. It can be said that this is a part of philanthropy action Arnault gives to the society. The winner at this contest is granted with mentorship and full support in creating own brand.

Other than those aforementioned sections, Louis Vuitton Foundation for Creation ( an art museum) was open in 2014 as a dedication for creativity in art. The building was designed by Frank Gehry in Paris with glass comprising most of the structure.  The masterpieces of world’ most re-known artist from both 20th century and modern days are exhibited here.


Best Laptops in The World

Best Laptops in The World

– MacBook Pro 13in (2017)

MacBook Pro

– Microsoft Surface Laptop

Microsoft Surface Laptop

– Asus ZenBook UX310UA

Asus ZenBook UX310UA

– Dell XPS 13 (2018) review

Dell XPS 13 (2018) 

– Apple MacBook (2017)

Apple MacBook (2017)

– Huawei MateBook X Pro review

Huawei MateBook X Pro review

– Dell XPS 15 2-in-1

Dell XPS 15 2-in-1

– Lenovo IdeaPad 320S

Lenovo IdeaPad 320S

– Razer Blade 15 (2018)

Razer Blade 15 (2018)

– Apple MacBook Pro 13in with Touch Bar (2018)

Apple MacBook Pro 13in with Touch Bar (2018)

Best Places in Bangkok

– Dusit Zoo 

The next best place in Bangkok you have to visit is the Dusit Zoo. This 188,800 square meters area is the first zoo in Thailand. You will find 1600 types of animals living in this zoo, both domestic and international animals.

The area is divided into several highlights where the animals are grouped together, for example, the African Savanna for ostriches, zebras, and giraffes. You will also found Reptile House, Hawks Exhibit, and many more.

Don’t worry about the animals living in this zoo because they are looked after really well. Interestingly, Dusit zoo has an animal hospital to take care of all the animals live here. There are also education center and museum that will keep you entertained even if you spend your whole day here. You will never get bored!

In the middle of the zoo, you will spot a large lake surrounded by lush trees that makes this zoo looks really fresh, beautiful and well-kept. Trees are planted in both sides of the pathway and many shaded resting areas are available to make sure the visitors have an enjoyable walk in this area.

The zoo opens from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM, but if you’re planning to explore the whole area, make sure you come early.

Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World

If you love watching underwater creatures, you’re going to love Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World. This is the best place in Bangkok if you want to see marine life but don’t want to swim underwater. Not only has a large collection of fishes, but Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World is also the largest aquarium in Thailand that covers approximately 10,000 square meters.

This aquarium serves not only as an entertainment, but also provides education to visitors through formal education programs. It is expected that by visiting this ocean world, visitors will appreciate and have more understanding on the marine life and environment of Thailand. The aquarium opens from 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM.

– Chatuchak Weekend Market

Bangkok has many great places to shop, but Chatuchak is probably the best place in Bangkok to satisfy your inner shopaholic needs. This is the most famous market which consists of 8000 stalls. Although it’s open on Saturday to Sunday, it attracts approximately 200,000 visitors who stroll or shop around in this one of the largest markets in the world.

Chatuchak is heaven for a shopaholic as this place offers various goods you can buy. There are clothing, accessories, handicrafts, ceramics, furniture, plants, arts, books, antiques, and many more. But if you’re trying to buy antiques, don’t trust the sellers too easily when they say it’s genuine. You might need an expert to identify whether the antiques they sell are really genuine.

Almost any goods you can imagine are sold here, mostly at a lower price. But knowing how to bargain will help you to get better deals. Make sure you show friendliness and smile when you negotiate. When the vendor does not give in to your bargain, just walk away. The vendor will call you back and offer you a lower price, but if not, find similar items at another stall. Don’t worry because there will be plenty of stalls who sell similar goods.

If you don’t want to get too tired when shopping in Chatuchak, you need to know exactly what items you’re going to buy and which stall to go. Its large area looks like a maze of stalls, and this might be a little overwhelming. You might even buy more items than you planned before because of the items displayed in each stall that attracts your attention.


Best Place in Bangkok for the Perfect Getaway

The best place in Bangkok you’ll never forget

Everyone needs a time-off once in a while. Escape from the mundane and repetitive activities and experience a real adventure. You don’t have to go too far if you want to experience the taste of adventure. Thailand provides the best place in Bangkok for your perfect getaway.

Bangkok has it all, from historical, cultural, natural, and shopping tourism. Although there are many amazing places to visit in Bangkok at night, this city also provides the best adventures during the day. With the complete package of unusual things to do in Bangkok, you can taste the real adventure in this Southeast Asian Country.

Even if you only have weekends as your vacation time, don’t worry! There are many things to do in Bangkok in 3 days! So, if you’re planning to have your getaway trip to Bangkok, sit tight and let’s explore what you will find here!

Historical and Cultural Tourism

Thailand offers an amazing display of historical and cultural tourism. Even if you only have time to explore Bangkok only, this city alone will satisfy your curiosity for cultural and historical tourism. Here are the best place in Bangkok to enjoy the taste of history and culture of Thailand.

1. Phra Sumen Fort

Phra Sumen Fort is of the remaining from the era of King Rama 1. This octagon-shaped fort with 3 staircases leads to the 3 towers. Walking inside the fort, you can imagine how strong this fort was during its glory days. It stored ammunition and weaponry in 38 rooms which were protected with earthwork and shelter. It also has 7 battle towers on the roof that was renovated in 1981.

2. Rattanakosin Island

Rattanakosin is where you should go if you want to see the old historic Bangkok. This place is pretty much similar to the old Bangkok as the developers have not reached this area. Rattanakosin Island is where you should go if you want to visit multiple best place in Bangkok as this is where many historical tourism spots located such as Wat Pho, National Museum, Grand Palace Bangkok, and Wat Phra Keo.

  • Wat Pho

Wat Pho is where you will be struck by awe upon seeing what is inside the temple. This temple enshrines the famous giant statue of reclining Buddha covered in gold.

  • National Museum

This place was previously Wang Na Palace, which is located near the Grand Palace. National Museum is where to explore if you want to learn about history, art, and also the culture of Thailand. You will find a huge collection of shadow puppets, sculptures, traditional music instruments, traditional dance costumes, and many more.

  • Grand Palace

Grand Palace should never be missed when you’re going to explore and enjoy the best place in Bangkok. This is where the King of Thai and the royal court live previously. The Kings of Thai has stopped living in this place around the twentieth century. However, the complex is still used for important ceremonies.

  • Wat Phra Keo

Wat Phra Keo is where the green jade Emerald Buddha is enshrined. This stunning sculpture of Buddha in his meditating position is carved from one block of jade. The sculpture dated back in 15th century AD and is still well preserved to this day.

3. Duriyapraneet House

If you want to know Thailand through its traditional culture, Duriyapraneet House is probably the best place to start. It is established in 1898 and serves as a place where Thai traditional music is preserved. They offer classes for people in the community, but you can also check their activities and try learning Thai’s traditional instruments such as Khim, Ranat, and Sor.

4. Suan Pakkad Palace

This place is previously the residence of Prince Paribatra, but now, this traditional building serves as a museum. Suan Pakkad Palace is home to various art collections from musical instruments, paintings to ceramics. Upon arriving at this palace you will be amazed by stunning Thai architecture and the collections inside the building including 4,000-year-old antiques.

Natural Attractions

The next destination is visiting natural attractions in Bangkok. Strolling in a park or garden, watching the animals, and looking at people walking by can be the perfect way to destress yourself. Therefore, your getaway wouldn’t be perfect without visiting Bangkok’s natural attraction.

5. Lumphini Park

When you want to relax for a while from the busy street, there is nothing better than sitting or strolling in a park enjoying the breeze and nature’s sound. Although Bangkok is known as a busy city, Lumphini Park provides tranquility for you that just want to sit down and relax.

This 500,000 square meters park is perfect for visitors of any age. Strolling in Lumphini Park, you will see elderly people practicing Thai Chi, couples sitting side by side by the lake, and many other types of visitors. This park opens from 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM, and you don’t have to spend any money on the entry fee as this park is completely free. So, this park must be in your Bangkok tourist attraction list whenever you plan to visit Thailand.

6. Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World


7. Dusit Zoo


Places to visit in Bangkok for shopping

After you done with exploring the tourist sites in Bangkok, it’s time to visit the Market. Whether you’re going to buy some souvenirs for your family and friends or yourself, Bangkok is a great place for a shopping spree.


9. Asiatique: The Riverfront

Another famous and best place in Bangkok for shopping is Asiatique: The Riverfront. Unlike the usual mall, Asiatique is an open-air mall with a concept that combined a night bazaar and a mall. It was built on the docks that used to be owned by the East Asiatic Company and facing the Chao Praya River.

The mall occupies 4,8 hectares of land and is planned for expansion of 11,52 hectares. It has over 1,500 boutiques and 40 restaurants you can visit and also various entertainments show to enjoy such as cabaret, puppets theatre, and Muay Thai performance.

The mall is decorated in a historical theme. You will see historical buildings and objects around this night mall. There are also bronze statues around the sites to represent the maritime activity. You will not get lost here because you can find the stall you need by looking at a map.

To make your shopping experience easier, the Asiatique is divided into four categories:

  • Chareonkrung District, it features souvenirs stalls, jewelry boutiques, handicrafts shops, and many more. The Thai puppet theatres, Calypso Cabaret show, and Muay Thai performance are also found here.
  • Town Square District is where you can find foreign restaurants, bars, and outdoor space.
  • Factory District, this area features gadgets, fashion items, and trendy restaurants.
  • Waterfront District, as its name suggests, this area lies along the waterfront part of Asiatique. Here, you will find riverside restaurants, large space events, and the tallest Ferris wheel in Bangkok that stand high at 60 meters.

10. Siam Paragon

This is the sixth largest mall in Thailand and is the best place in Bangkok to just window shopping, hang out, or actually buying some high-end quality goods. This modern mall was used to be a hotel called Siam Intercontinental Hotel. The hotel was demolished in 2002, and then Siam Paragon was opened for business on December 9th, 2005.

Siam Paragon is heaven for high-end shoppers because many high-end shops are found here. Not only high-end shops and boutiques, but there are also luxurious cinema and restaurants available. There are also luxurious car showrooms here such as Ferrari and Lamborghini.

If you’re interested in antique goods, there are also art shops available to visit. They offer not only antiques, but also luxurious items such as decorative silk, ivory, and many more.

This mall also has a huge space (12,000 square meters) called the Royal Paragon Hall used for concerts, exhibitions, or other events. The capacity of this hall is approximately 5,000 persons. And if you want to stay near this mall and enjoy the luxurious lifestyle, there is the Siam Kempinski Hotel and apartment complex right at the rear part of the Siam Paragon property.

The Best Time to Visit Bangkok

When you know the best place in Bangkok to visit, the next thing to do is found out when is the best time to visit this stunning city. By considering the holiday season and the weather, you can find out the right time for you to Visit Bangkok.

1. High Season

November through March is when the crowds are at their peaks, especially during Christmas and New Year. You can expect huge crowds during this season when visiting some popular tourist destination. The prices will rise a lot higher than the usual and accommodation is quickly filled.

In these months, the weather will be cooler and drier. So, it will be more comfortable than the usual hot weather at most times. If you’re planning to visit during this season, make sure you book your plane ticket and hotel early. During the high season, it will be more difficult to travel spontaneously. You need to plan your vacation carefully if you don’t want to end up don’t know where to spend the night.

2. Shoulder Season

This season lasts from April to June, and September to October. It will not be as crowded as the high season, but April to June will be the hottest months of the year in Bangkok. April will be the hottest month of all, so make sure you find a hotel room with air conditioner.

Meanwhile, September and October are slightly better due to the cooler and wetter weather. Because it is not really a holiday season, the hotel room and plane ticket fare will be cheaper.

3. Low Season

July and August is the low season, but the monsoon season also falls around this month. The tourism sites might be quiet with not many visitors, the prices will be cheaper, but there is frequent and intense rain waiting outside.

If you don’t mind with the rain though, this season can be the best time for you to visit Bangkok. A lot of good deals on hotels and excursion offered around this season. After all, there are also many enjoyable indoor activities you can do during your visits such as visiting temples, or shopping.

When to Book Hotels in Bangkok

After you find out the best time to visit, the next step is finding out when you should book the hotel. In general, you can book 1 to 2 months before your departure. Not only you will get a better price, but you also won’t be worried about not having a place to sleep during your holiday.

Although book 1 to 2 months before the departure is ideal, it will be different if your visit is around late December and January. If you plan to go around these months, you should book your hotel at least 3 months before your departure.

Best Time to Go Sightseeing around Bangkok

Thailand is a popular vacation destination, and it is no wonder that Bangkok is generally busy all year round. This means that the best place in Bangkok will be filled with tourist although some months will not be as bad as others.

You will see increasing visitors around mid-April during the Songran or Thai New Year; and around Christmas and New Year Holiday. Late November and early December are when the monsoon ends, the temperature slightly cools down, and the holiday hasn’t started yet. This can be the best time to go sightseeing.

If you don’t want to get stuck with the crowds during your visit to many popular areas, visit that tourism site early in the morning. Not only there will be fewer crowds, the temperature is cooler and you will also be able to enjoy the views better.

Best Time to Go Shopping around Bangkok

By now, you know already the best place in Bangkok for shopping. But don’t just go anytime you like without considering many important things such as the best time to go shopping.

If your visit to Bangkok is to satisfy your shopaholic souls, try to go around mid-June through mid-August. During this time, there is the “Amazing Grand Sale” where shops offer discounts from 10 to 80 percent for various items. With a significantly lower price, you can buy many more items you’ve dreamed about when visiting this city.

If you’re planning to shop in the markets, morning and evening is the best time. Around this time, the temperature is slightly cooler and there will be fewer crowds. Also, avoid the peak rush hour around the city from 07:30 to 09:00 and 17:00 to 18:30.

Tips as a Tourist in Bangkok

Bangkok has its distinct tradition, culture, and custom different from many places in the world. To make sure you have the best experience during your visit to Bangkok, here are some tips for you.

  • Bangkok is indeed hot and humid all year round. However, you should be decently dressed when visiting the temples.
  • Best place in Bangkok will be full of tourists at many times, so make sure you check the opening hours and come early if you don’t want to get stuck with the large crowds.
  • If you want to check out the beauty of Chinese culture with its wonderful celebrations, go to the Chinatown in Bangkok during the Chinese New Year.
  • Bring along a good map so you won’t get lost in Bangkok.
  • You can bargain at the Chatuchak Market, but don’t be rude and don’t forget to smile. Even if in the end the vendor doesn’t offer you a lower price, just say sorry, walk away and don’t be rude. Chances are, the vendor will call you back and offers a lower price.
  • Many scammers now target tourist. Therefore, take care of your valuables and be careful.
  • Always provide a copy of your Passport and bring it all the time everywhere you go.
  • Hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen are a must. Take them along with you as Bangkok can be very hot during the day.

Those are the best place in Bangkok you can visit to get your perfect getaway. Once you satisfy your desire for a nice vacation, you can go back to your routine feeling refreshed. If you have a short vacation time, 10 places above are a good way to start as the locations are not too far between one to another.

Of course, Bangkok is not the only place you can enjoy Thailand. There are other amazing places in Thailand such as Pattaya if you want to experience Thailand’s beaches. There are a lot of places to visit in Pattaya if you want a more beach vibes holiday.

Now, are you ready to plan your getaway? Pack your things and book your ticket now!

Best Places in Cape Town

10 Things to Do and the Best Place in Cape Town, South Africa

The Best Place in Cape Town

Once recognized as the edge of the world, Cape Town is a place with the city full of adventure, cultural amazement, and culinary arts. The best place in Cape Town will make people change their entire opinion about South Africa. The capital city is unmatched to many places in the world due to the beauty of the natural landscape. With the challenging itinerary, the capital will be a perfect destination for those who love outdoor activities as well as an unforgettable city tour. It is comfortable to leave for the city tour just alone because of the security. You can start your trip by climbing up the Table Mountain. The clear sky will make the journey fabulous. To see the spectacular view of the city from the top will be so tempting.

For many, Cape Town South Africa is not the main destination with interesting itineraries. But when people see the city closer, they will find the reasons why the place is precious. The city will serve anything that tourists want to enjoy. The tourists will normally ask what can they do in the city. And Cape Town will question back what can’t they do in the city. From the beautiful cliff to the blue and natural beach, anything is here in Cape Town. The rich history and the mysterious nature of the capital are two important features of its prettiness.

The sand, the surf, the wildlife, flora, and even the hotels are all interesting. Touring the city will remind people of the apartheid politic that once suffered from. Next, people will see the fantastic culture which mixes the traditional of Africa and Muslims. There are many reasons why Cape Town is a brilliant destination.

  • Nature

The Best Place in Cape Town is the spot where tourists can see the view of the city perfectly. The cliff in Cape Tom rises from the deep blue sea. It will be hard to find the same thing in many other capital cities in the world. The natural splendor is a good reason to visit. And it will be so much delightful since tourists can see the Cape peninsula with 360-degree views from a certain location.

  • The View

Because of the geographic location, Cape Town offers breathtaking view without making any effort. When tourists climb to the lighthouse, they will see the thousnds of seabirds. The whales and dolphins play nicely making the trip feels more than amazing.

  • The Flying Dutchman Funicular

Everyhing fun in Africa will be more exciting compared to other places in the world. And the flying dutchman funicular is the only one tourists can find in Africa. It enables people to travel onthe railroad with a different kind of amusement. It will be exciting to see the scenery of Cape Town that amazing way.

  • The Cuisines

All nations always serve unique cuisines which represent their natural richness and their beautiful culture. Inside delicious foods, the Cape Town offers what the so called exotic cuisines. What makes the foods brillaint is the restaurant with the spectacular views. The best place in Cape Town delivers the charm of nature which is packed with excellent services.

The neighborhood of Cape Town is no joke. Tourists with any personalities can find any place that suits their taste. Tourists can stay in hotels around the center of the city. Besides, the hotels facing the beach view are available. Even, tourists can pick a sub urban place where the beautiful ambiance of the real South Africa will take their breath away. Here are some selections of hotels in Cape Town.

  • MannaBay; located on the slopes of Table Mountain
  • Cape Grace; exclusive watefront property
  • Tintswalo Atlantic; luxurious hotel located in the Table Mountain national park
  • Compass House; A boutique hotel with a private house ambiance
  • Ellerman House; An Edwardian mansion with a jawdropping view

Let’s Go to the Best Place of Cape Town

  1. Table Mountain

Table Mountain is located justsouth of the city center. It is easy to fall for this recognizable landmark. The Table Mountain has shown its beauty through the name. It is named that way because of the flat top shape. People usually see mountains or highland with the shapes of the cone and it will hard to climb up the summit. Table Mountain national park is one the most visited place in Cape Town. There will be various itineraries to do on top of the mountain. This is simply the best place in Cape Town with the best view of the city.

Outdoor activities and a real hiking to the summit of the Table Mountain is possible. Even though in some occasion, the weather can turn the trip into an unpleasant experience, tourists need to try arranging a hiking to the summit of the mountain. The trails can be muddy after the heavy rain. But it is always fun to use the Table MOUntain Aerial Cableway. The suspended cable cars will give you the expeirence of seeing the view 360 degrees since the cars can rotate entirely.

The spectacular view and the coast will look more amazing. Despite the fact that the destination is famous, tourists do not have to pay any admission fee or conservation fee to enter the place. However, the cable car costs around 12 USD for each way. What time can visitors use the cable cars? It runs daly starting from 8 am. Yet, because of the unstable weather conditions, the closing times will depend on the seasons and the weather conditions as well. Usually, a capital city tour offers buildings, archiectural sites, museums, and monuments on the top list of a tour destination. Cape Town offers a mountain. What can be better than that? Adventure activities in Cape Town are both fun and challenging in this very destination.

  1. Constantia Valley

South Africa is different from other countries in most parst of the continent. Therefore, what people have in mind might be wrong when it is for the tourism in South Africa. The Cape Town tour will bring people a totaly new perspective about South Africa. The city is now developing a lot. From the mesmerizing view to the natural beauty, the capital has been charming for centuries. Today, the country boasts a developing wine industry. The two types of winessuchas the crisp whites and robust reds are the commodities of South Africa. It is the Constantia Valley, the place where the business is started. In the late 17th century, the region started to


The Constantia Valley is a gorgeous side of the city where we can enjoy the oak-lined streets. It will be the best place in Cape Town where people can visit for free. On the way to the destination, we will also see many mansions with stunning architecture. And the wineries are unquestionably awesome at the town. Due to the quality of the sweet dessert wines, the place has been welcoming famous and legendary people ever since. Jane Austin, King Louis Philippe of France, and even Napoleon Bonapart had visited the place. Tourists can directly head to the Groot Constantia, the oldes vineyard which offers the best wines and exciting tasting room. Plus, the views are amazing from the vineyard.

3.     Kirstenbosch 

Of so many things to do in Cape Town today, you will need to make a bucketlist of destinations which can actually bring the joy to your heart. When leaving for a precious vacation in Cape Town, you need to make sure that you get the most. You need to go somewhere like Kirstenbosch. It is a botanical garden with beautiful designs and view. Located at the slopes from the edge of Table Mountain, the garden covers more than 1000 acres at the same area. The location will reach the Cape Town’s suburbs.

What to see at the site? You will see specialist gardens such as medical plants and rainforest gardens. The botanical garden offers a decent cafe in whch you will enjoy delicacies while enjoying the green landscape. There will be some events at the locations. Go check the schedule before going there so you can get the best experience at the botanical garden. In the weekends, there are craft markets as well as live performance on the open-air stage. The botanical garden is surely more than just a garden. It will be so much entertaining to go to the garden if you are going with your friends or families. The best place in Cape Town is too precious too enjoy all alone.

  1. Boulders Beach

Cape Town is the edge of the world where you can enjoy almost anything in this place. Therefore, it is not a strange idea to enjoy the beach. You will love the way the Boulders Beach give you unforgettable moments in the beach tour. Because of the climate and location of Cape Town, the beach offers a spectacular view and shoreline. It is a sandy stretch of shoreline and wild waves. The beach has a pretty rocky outcrops which make the view more dramatic. Even though the beach is not a good choice for swimming, the place is still a great choice for a coastal walk. Those who love a serene place to contemplate and refresh the mind, the Boulders Beach will be the best place in Cape Town.

The beach is literally so cute because it is the home of African penguins. See, you can enjoy a mountain and a rainforest while also feel amused by the penguins by the beach. It is truly  amagical capital city that you must visit. Is that even possible for a place to be the home of penguings while it has a warm temperature? Nature makes it possible in Cape town. The penguins will waddle and swim freely at the beach. Tourists can see how they act, squawk, and play without the glass cage. Finally, people can see the penguins from their habitat.

  1. Robben Island

South Africa had passed deep and sorrowful history of apartheid politics. For years and even centuries, the country suffered a lot due to the politics. However, humanity finally won the battle as former Nelson Mandela spoke up the people. The country gained its respectful rights and left the politics thoroughly. However, the memory lasts and it is not possible for tourists to go to Robben Island to see the trace of the history. It is good to list this itinerary for enriching our knowledge and experience while spending a vacation in a special city like Cape Town. Robben Island is the World Heritage Site located at the Table Bay. It was the prison that imprisoned the freedom of Nelson Mandela during the apartheid in the past. The place resembles the dark past of the country since hundreds of policical detianess were held at such an isolated island. Yet, the bad government could imprison the good people but not their mind. They succeeded to obtain their freedom and created totally new polotical waves which brought the country into the brighter future.


Robben Island is now a living museum and can possibly the best place in Cape Town to include in your itinerary. It is  prison site in the past but today, people can book a ticket and visit the site. It holds a histocial importance of Cape Town though it might have horrific ambiance in some parts. Located only 7 kilometers from the coast of Cape Town, the island now welcomes visitors with pride. It necessary that tourists make an advance book to go to the place.

  1. Neighborgoods Market

We all know that the delicacies are the essential reasons why we should go to Cape Town. Therefore, we need to find the best place where the delicious foods are served. Neighborgoods market is just the perfect place. The place is a popular food market with trendy designs. Many kinds of foods are in low rates at the market. It is also good to shop for a snack at the Woodstock’s Biscuit Mill located at the market. There are also many independent business selling many kinds of foods. We can find almost anything that we want to eat. Fresh juices, beers, coffees, and cakes such as black forest are all available over there.

Even though international foods and snacks are available in Cape Town, it is always recommended to have the signature dish of Cape Town for a breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Therefore, we need to learn some of the special foods of Cape Town so we can order the right menus that we will love. All of the dishes are tasty.

Gatsby: It is a dely sandwish with a long roll. The bread is opened and stuffed with hot chips and various filling such as steak, cheese, and eggs.

Blitong: It is a simply salty dried meat made of beef, rhino, or ostrich. This is the special dish of Zimbabwe, Namibia, and of course South Africa.

Boerewors: Thick sauces with a braided form.

Chakalaka: Basically, this is the garnish of the main menu. The garnish is originally from India. The food is amde of mixed onion, ginger, green pepper, carrot, chillies, curry, garlic, and curry.

Malva Pudding: It is a sweet pudding made of apricot which is originally from the Dutch. A cream is added as the topping so it will be a great treat for a cold day or as a dessert.

  1. Kalk Bay

Cape Town is located in the unique geographic position. Therefore, the place has a beautiful mountain as well as beaches. People can enjoy the peninsula and valley at the same city. Besides, people can enjoy a pretty bay with its gorgeous coastal line. The Kalk Bay will the best place in Cape Town for a romantic afternoon stroll. There are many unusual things to do in cape town. Kalk Bay is a suburb with colorful collections of shops. It will be great to just stroll even if people do not feel like shopping. There are also some cafes where people can have a hot drink while witnessing the sunset at the bay. If you are fans of antiqu stuff, you will fall in love with the bay. You will find some handicrafts with the vintage styles. Or you can go to Kalk Bay Vintage to see the collections. It is so much romantic to go for the bay and have a dinner with the loved ones. We can enjoy the local foods such as fish and chips. Having a cup to tea by the Kalk Bay is surely a luxurious idea to do at least once when we are visiting Cape Town.

8.     Signal Hill


It is the destination which will give the second best views of Cape Town after the Table Mountain. The journey will not be a long trekking but you need to make sure that you are ready with the track route. It will elevate you 350 metres before reaching the top of the hill. The Signal hill views the whole appearance of the bay as well as the city. Even, the Table Mountain will be visible from the hill. The tour to this hill will make the entire outdoor tour itinerary completed in Cape Town. You need to get ready with your picnic meals and thermos flask. You will see how the sunset can be the most beautiful natural phenomenon to see on top of the hill. The Mother Nature gives the Cape Town such a huge blessing for people can get pleasure only by hiking and picnicked on the Signal Hill.


  1. Bertram house

Cape Town has many museums and historical sites. Many of the options are the house with the collonial styles. Some of the historical sites show the bitter past of the city. Some also show the places for the slaves to live in the past. If you want to trace a little about the history of South Africa, especially the Cape Town, you need to visit the Bertram hosue. It is the only surviving example of a house with the English Georgian style. The house is made out of the red brick. This kind of house used to be common in Cape Town. However, many of the same buildings have been damaged or reconstructed. The Bertram House is not only pretty but so elegant. We will see the vintage furnitue and superb porcelain collections at the house. The Bertram House is the house of a rich English family living in Cape Town around the 19th century. Despite the old age, the house still looks so beautiful. Nothing haunting at the vintage house.

  1. Fun Things to Do in Cape Town at Night 
  • Galileo Open Air Cinema

Cape Town is definitely not an ordinary place to visit since it has unique out door cinema. Go to the Galileo Open Air Cinema and have a great watching popular movies with so many people under the stars. The ticket is cheap and the ambiance is awesome. You can bring your blanket and soda over so you will be more comfortable. The show starts in the evening so you can spend your night at this venue.

  • Wheel of Excellence

In addition, you can go to the Wheel of Excellence at the V&A Waterfront which shows the panoramic views of Cape Town during nighttimes. The place will close at 10 pm so it is not exactly a venue for spending a night out. But it will be fun to choose this place if you are going with children.

  • Maynardville Open-Air Festival

After that, you can go to the festival with a beautiful symphonies, ballet, and theatrical show. The venue is an open green park with a comfortable venue for orchestra and many other musical performance. Shakespeare dramas will make your evening in Cape Town lasts. The show is held from January to March. You need to set your schedul if you want to enjoy the festival.



Cape Town might not be on your dream bucketlist of city tour. But the place has anything that travelers dream of a wonderful journey. It has the historical sites and the pretty natural landscape as well. The city tour will give people contented feeling as they will go up to the quiet green hill and lay down watching movies in an open air cinema with so many people.




Best Places in Buenos Aires

The Best Place in Buenos Aires; Tasting the Steak in the Sexiest City on Earth

The Best Place in Buenos Aires 

Buenos Aires mixes the culture of European with the Latin essences. The best place in Buenos Aires will show people how faded Europe comes into a lively atmosphere as the tango music plays beautifully. It is definitely a sexy and alive city to visit. Buenos Aires scene is dramatically dynamic in foods and attractions. However, for many travelers, the place is the best destination for carnivorous enjoyment. Even though the places are amazing for the historical sites, people will still place the juicy steak as the most irresistible icon of the capital.

Many people cannot say that the city is beautiful before leaving for the place. It might look like a faded city with some wild ambiance in some angles. However, as tourists stroll through the streets, they will finally see the magnificent architectural space that will change their mind. The place has the ambiance of Italy, French, and other European influences. The Grand and artistic styles in architecture make the city looks somewhat stunning in a simple way. The city might be old and not so luxurious. Yet, Buenos Aires Argentina becomes captivating effortlessly.

People will never get bored with the city ambiance since the neighborhood is so colorful with the mural paintings. The city is also sleepless. Nightclubs and bars will always stay up all night and it will be great to enjoy the different sides of Buenos Aires during nighttimes. Live music, jazz concerts, and other music services will make your Buenos Aires just unforgettable. After that, you need to really learn the tango to close your trip with a lively dancing. It takes two to tango, but you can still leave for Bueno Aires alone.

Where to Stay in Buenos Aires

There will be many options for this. However, Recoleta will be the best place in Buenos Aires where you can stay for the pleasurable experience. The neighborhood is comfortable and it is simply comfortable to wander around the place. It has beautiful architecture and the ambiance is somewhat classic. You will feel that the place is a little Paris in Argentina. However, if you want to get a cheaper place to stay, you will love to stay around San Telmo Neighborhood. This place is a multicultural area; the home for immigrants from Europe and other nations. Places to stay in this area is cheaper than other areas. However, the ambiance is nice since it has a trace of colonialism.

Best Hotels in Buenos Aires 

  • Four Seasons Hotel Buenos Aires
  • Be Jardín Escondido
  • Palacio Duhau – Park Hyatt Buenos Aires
  • Palo Santo Hotel
  • Recoleta Grand Hotel

Visiting Buenos Aires is a brilliant idea. The beauty of the city will be a cool place for both luxurious and budget trip. Here are 10 recommended places in the capital city of Argentina.


1.     Centro Cultural Kirchner

Formerly functioned as a post office, this cultural center outshines the breathtaking cultural of Argentina. It was the president Nestor Kirchner who initiated to turn the old building into the essential cultural center. Therefore, the building was named after the former president. The site takes the vast complex of beaux arts structure and sums up the entire city block with galleries. Multiple rooms are created as art galleries to exhibit the breathtaking culture center to show the precious personality of Buenos Aires in an artistic way. The most important site is the Ballena Azul, a concert hall for various beautiful performances. The building can accommodate 1800 people to enjoy the world-class acoustic shows. This building can be the best place in Buenos Aires because it holds important events and exhibits many precious cultural products of Buenos Aires.

The original building was built which was inspired by the New York City’s main post office. It took 30 years to complete the building and finally was opened in May 2005 as a cultural center. The original beauty was maintained well though some stainless steel materials and glass were added in the restoration. It is a must visit building in Buenos Aires because it is free of admission. However, some shows or exhibitions require tickets. Plus, the place offers free guided tours. That will be a great destination in Buenos Aire. Book the free tours at 2 pm and 3.30 pm every weekend. Advance bookings are available online.

  1. Ricoleta Cemetery

Buenos Aires gets the architectural influence from France, Italy, and other European countries. Therefore, the designs of their cemetery are as breathtaking as the royal complex and prestigious cemetery in France. Besides, it is always nice to visit the serene place with amazing architecture. Ricoleta cemetery is thus a good itinerary to drop by in the city tour. This is definitely not an ordinary cemetery of the commoners. Only the rich and powerful people in Argentina will be rested here. Besides, many famous celebrities and other popular people also rest in this place. Visitors will see the impressive mausoleums with wonderful ornaments.

Located on the little corner of the city, the place has a superb ambiance or graves. It is definitely one of the unique things to do in Buenos Aires. Even though the main attraction is a mere grave, tourists will love to spend hours to enjoy the beautiful ornaments. Wandering through a maze of family graves in the cemetery will give tourists a special itinerary besides the live shows and other things in Bueones Aires. Again, the place is free of admission. Therefore, it will be the best place in Buenos Aires that is good for budget travelers. Yet, tourists might need to buy a map to find the ways.

Among various interesting sites, the First Lady Eva Peron’s tomb will be the msot important place to visit. People still come and leave flowers to give their tributes to the very impressive leader or Argentina. Eva Peron has been inspiring the whole country courage and spirit. She is one of the most famous nation leader that is admired worldwidely. Not only people of Argentina love her but also the rest of the world. So, visiting the cemetery is a must. You will be surprised how the haunting place can produce a superb collection of photography. The stray cats and creepy decorations of the cemetary will make the tour even better. After completing the trip, you can go to Basilica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar next to the location.


  1. Hunting Steak and Red Wine


When you are leaving to Argentina, you need to be sure that you include a steak restaurant visit itinerary. You are in Bueons Aires and it will be a waste to exclude beef and all of the barbecue delicacies. Steak is not a mere signature dish of Bueonos Aires. It is their traditional and a huge part of Argentine culture. Therefore, enjoying the steak will be a good chance for visitors to explore the culture. High quality meats and with local ingredients make the steak different from other kinds of steak. What is so special is that we will enjoy it with the latin atmosphere which fits the serving and the flavour of the steak. Don’t forget that you will love the way the meat is served with the local red wine. That will be a surely luxurious way to enjoy a plate of steak. The restaurant will be the best place in Buenos Aires.

There are too many great places for the steak. People can have it in their hotel of course, yet the sensation will not be as amusing as tasting the steak in the best restaurants in the city. If you have sufficient time for a culinary trip in Buenos Aires, you need to go to Don Julio. You can also try La Cabrera. Those two places are recommended for the best services and the most delicious menus of steak. Besides, you can go to Cabana Las Lilas. This is the most popular place for Buenos Aires steak.

The rates of the steak will not be too expensive. Yet, you need to learn the vocabulary before going. If you are to order tenderloin, you have to say bife de lomo. Meanwhile, you have to say ojo de bife if you opt for ribeye. If you like medium rare steak, you can order it by saying jugoso. Do visit Mendoza an take a bottle of red wine that you like. The wines in Buenos Aires are afforadble.

  1. Visit Tigre

Located 17 miles from the Buenos Aires city, Tigre is a great stop for getting pleasure in the unique side of the Capital. This can be the best place in Buenos Aires. Yes, you are right. The town is named after the tigers or jaguars which were hunted there. The main symbol of the town is the head of a tiger. It is a great idea to visit the best place in Buenos Aires with the clean air and fresh ambiance. Tourists can take a train or bus to explore the delta Tiger for ending their weekend. The place is also reachable by bus. It will be beautiful to escape with trains in Latin American countries. Most of the time, people are afraid of the safety when it turns to public transportation in Argentina. But people need to be sure that they make the best efforts to stay safe. That way, they can explore the city without worrying about anything. Besides, even though the train might not be so fancy and fast, there will be an art in using trains or bus. Tourists can meet the locals and learn the culture at the same time.

The train will cost only less than $0.5 per person. The trip will take approximately one hour. It is recommended for a weekend trip because in Sundary, tourists can check tour the Puerto deFrutos. It is a large market with handicrafts and souvenir products. People can find delicious local foods at the market. And it will be great to see the handcrafted furniture with the Argentina style at the market. It will be hard for the international travelers to buy the furniture but it is will great to buy some souvenirs which are offered in low rates. The trip to Tigre is one of the cheap things to do in Buenos aires.

Remember that the town has a beautiful beach. You can spend your time at the main dock and a park at the location. There are also some museums with unique collections to visit. The admission fee is also cheap. Around the dock, tourists can find artists market with beautiful stuff. It is also possible to rent a kayak to explore the delta. You can arange a boat tour or hop in a ferry to go to the interesting places accross the dock. Restaurants and clubs will welcome you with their super delicious dishes.

  1. Dance Tango at a Milonga

Argentina is the country ot Tango. The dance is not only an art or culture for the nationa but also the personality of the very country. Even, in some cases, the dance of Tango has been the identity of the nation. Even, the world recognizes the country through the Tango style of the football. The legendary football player Diego Maradona was also known as the player with the hand of God which made the Tango soccer popular. Today, the football legend is often discussed as the most valuable player. Even, he was an honorobale spectator in World Cup for several times.

The Tango is that influencing for the world. Buenos Aires is the home of Tango and the most professional Tango dancers. Therefore, it will be great to join the class of Tango. We can also join the club just to watch the dance performance. The dance club and class will be the best itinerary in Buenos Aires for those who admire the art of dancing. Book the tickets and enjoy the dinner and tango shows. There are plenty of clubs for this kind of enjoyment. You can simply visit the club and admire the authentic Tango around the city. The buildings might look ordinary outside but once you enter the gate, the Tango music and dance will take your breath away.

There are restaurants that will impress you with a fancy dinner and Tango performance. That will be a nice evening. However, it will be great to enjoy the original Tango performance. Go to Milonga to get pleasure in the real Tango in town. You can check the schedule and it at least once.

Of so many options, you can go to Sal Telmo’s Plaza Dorrego on Sunday night. It will show the original dance in a super lively atmosphere. People will dance in the street. That will surely show the real culture of Argentina. Also, you can visit Salón Canning, the admission is not free but visitors will enjoy the traditional type of Tango. Visitors can join the class and show for a cheap rate. And you will never forget the open-air Milonga in Belgrano. The admission is free and you get to go there on the weekends.

  1. Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes

It is not a scam that the best place in Buenos Aires offers cheap rates. This is the city that is recommended for backpackers and budget travelers. Anything in the city tour seems afforadble. Even though the rates are low, people can still enjoy the most from the city. The Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes is one of the best destinations to visit. Indeed, the street dance performance is irresistible in a city tour but you need to be sure that you visit the best museums while you are spending your holiday in Argentina. The excellent places in Buenos Aires can never be cheaper.

Buenos Aires has the best culture center and museum as well. Tourists need to explore more to find the real excellence of the capital city through the museums. Museo Nacional De Bellas Artes, though it might not be so popular, is one of the best in the world. The place exhibits the best paintings and artworks of South American artists. People can also see the beautiful collections of Van Gogh, Picasso, and Monet. All of the paintings are original. How much does the admission fee? It is totally free. The museum is located in Recoleta. It will worth the stroll since the collections are all high-quality. Besides, the paintings, the museum also shows carvings and tapestries.


  1. Café Tortoni

The capital city never sleeps. In the first few days of the city tour, you might be exhausted to go with the fast rhythm of Tango on each of the city corner. The smoking beef steak and the fresh red wine of the famous restaurants have given you the best time in the city. So, you need to get relaxed af those excitement. The romantic and serene city might not be the best place for tea and pastry. But can still enjoy your time with the luxury of Cafe Tortoni. The cafe has been serving since 1858. It is a great place for delicious snacks.

Little do we know that Argentina has a local croissant called medialuna. Cafe Tortoni is the place for that pastry. We can also order a submarino; it is a glass of a warm milk and chocolate dip. The taste will be wonderful since people will enjoy it in the place of the famous people in Buenos Aires. Legendary people and famous scholars had spent their time sitting and enjoying the same treats at the cafe. The rates of foods at the cafe are higher compared to other cafes around. However, the ambiance and historical fixture at the place will worth it.

  1. Check Out the Fashion Designers in Palermo

When it comes to fashion, Argentina has a high-class taste. It might be influenced by their European roots. We can thus go to Palermo Buenos Aires to see the spectacular talents of the Argentine designers. There are various products to see at the Feria de Plaza Serrano. We can also enjoy the artistic crafts at the Feria Artesanal de Palermo Viejo. You can spend some hours to shop for jewelry, clothes, and eccentric accessories fromthe shops.

  1. 9Take in a Show at Teatro Colón

Treatro Colon is one of the most important places in the world. The opera house is not only a good place for a tourist destination but also the pride of the capital city. It is a must visit landmark that has been serving with operas, orchestras, and ballets since 1857. Again, the opera house takes the entire city block. It will be thus comfortable to walk Buenos Aires since the tourist destination is always located at the same block. People do not have to take public transportation to go from one attraction to another one. For the tickets, we can check the schedules available on the website. Even if we do not have much time for the opera, we can still take the guided tours that will start every 15 minutes.

  1. Wander Puerto Madero

The destination is located along the water. It is a great side of Buenos Aires to explore. The neighborhood is unique and worth the stroll. Tourists will find the beautiful Bride of the Woman at the place. It is called Puentede la Mujer in the Argentine Language. And it is so exciting that all of the streets in this place are named with the names of women. We need to call the place a she after all. We can explore museums at the same location. Don’t underestimate the museums since they are two ships-turned museums which are more than unique.

Argentina with the lively Buenos Aires is sleepless. The destinations are unique and cheap. We will love the multicultural sides of the place as we walk the lanes and find the locals dancing happily. The city is busy but the cemetery is serene. We can also go to the Tigre delta for enjoying the peace while the Tango clubs are waiting for us. Buenos Aires is anything that we look for a latin trip in low a budget.