5 Amazing Benefits of Spending Time Alone

Being alone doesn’t have to feel empty the best relationship you can have it is with yourself solitude isn’t isolation it’s not avoiding or running away from your fears, it’s about finding your inner peace and loving every moment with yourself.

Hi how’s it going it’s me welcome to our website I want to talk about being alone and why it’s so good for you, I know that a lot of people probably think by now that I love being alone and I’m such a loner by now but whatever I used to be a shame of being alone because it used to be deemed as something like as if you have social issues or that you’re such a loser for being alone.

I remember I went out to eat have some peace out by myself once and I came back and I told my friends that I went out to eat by myself and they’re just like you went by yourself like as if that’s so weird and they felt sorry for me.

It was back in college but I think people are more open to that and especially if you live in the city. It’s kind of okay to go out and have some me time have a date with yourself it’s it’s just so important to just embrace that time by yourself and allow yourself to go within.

5 Amazing Benefits of Spending Time Alone :

1. Be Mindfull

Allow yourself to process your thoughts and also meditate meditation doesn’t have to mean you necessarily have to sit there and you know close your eyes and and recite a mantra it can be just you know talking to yourself talking to God talking to the universe you know just diving within and just allowing yourself to process everything.

That has been going on in your life and for me you know I don’t do this all the time but I like to balance my life with some a long time and sometimes we’re friends just so that way life doesn’t have to feel so overwhelming.

2. Make Me Time

I don’t know about you but for me I feel like life is just getting busier and busier and we just stretch ourselves too thin with everything that’s going on we give everyone else more time than we give to ourselves and at the end of the night at the end of the day you’re just like wow.

I barely got to spend any time to myself, I started to say no to a lot of things last year so that way I can allow myself to have more time and just process all the things that I have not been thinking about or I have been pushing to the side or just avoiding.

3. Face Your Self

It is a scary thing to just to spend time alone with you because sometimes we don’t want to face our issues or we don’t want to face our problems and it’s easier for us to just run away from it or do something else and kind of push it to the side all that kind of bubbles up later on and you know it’s all gonna come out sooner or later.

So you might as well deal with it but deal with it in a peaceful way with yourself right so sometimes you know things don’t turn out exactly as we would like for it to be I mean if there’s happiness there is also sadness so there’s always opposite and there’s always that contrast.

There for you to evolve you are going to have to experience things that you don’t necessarily like all the time and for some of us that’s hard to deal with you know you don’t want to face that and it’s easier for you to go out do other things and get distracted , but when you’re spending time alone you’re facing it and you’re you’re you’re learning how to be strong you’re learning how to face your problems face your issues and move on from it.

4. Take A control

You know you are the creator of your life you know you have the option to say no to things you have the option to like move forward and move on and evolve from where you are right now. You can go for a walk a nice hike if you like nature you can make yourself a nice hot cup of tea and just relax and just be in the moment be present and just let all your thoughts have process then or you can write in a journal go to local cafe or something.

I love to do is go to a local cafe and just like either read a book or write in my journal , it feels very relaxing some people love going to the beach because the sound of the ocean is just so relaxing and to get fresh air or be surrounded by nature is also really soothing and I love it there’s just so many ways that you can spend time alone.

5. Stop Making Excuses

You don’t need one hour you don’t need a whole day to be a if you feel very very overwhelmed at least take five minutes out go out in your patio and just you know sit there take a breather sit under the stars have a cup of tea or make yourself a nice bath and just relax let yourself just be in control of your mind again.

Don’t let all that craziness everything from the outside take over you don’t let stress take over you be in control of your life again and just allow yourself to be the creator of your life.

So thank you so much for joining me in today’s conversation if you have some ideas on how or if you want to share with everyone on how you love to spend time with yourself and make sure to comment in the comment section below this articles.

So that way we can all be a part of this conversation encourage each other that we should give ourselves permission to to be in charge of our lives again it’s just so you know it’s really helpful to just get back on track because once you’re in charge of your life again like everybody else around you well feel that confident and will also you know see you as a great shining example and the example you set will only help others out so we can only move forward from here.

Thank you all so much for reading our article today’s and give this articles a thumbs up I love you and I will see you next weekend.


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